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About Chenla

Why are we doing this? In a word, context. This work is largely to frame the questions and provide a place to start.

Mankind is going through a revolution, as profound as the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, but instead of it happening over millennia as the Agricultural Revolution did, or over centuries as the Industrial Revolution did, it is happening in a span of decades. We are still in the early stages of this revolution, and it is speeding up at an exponential rate.

The whole fabric of society is being ripped apart. Social structures like the family, religious institutions, the nature of work, the nation state, which has been the fundemental unit of state organization is crumbling in front of our eyes. Medical advances are rapidly expanding the human lifespan and able to treat life threatening injury and disease.

As things speed up, and the amount of time required to respond to change gets ever shorter, the shorter the period of time that we are able to plan for, and conceptualize.

This work is an attempt to provide a framework for building new institutions, civil and social structures, a philisophy that can be practiced, and even an economic model. But none of this is meant to be adopted by the general population, the world will change and evolve the way that it pleases, and happily ignores attempts at control or imposition of arbitrary ideological systems. Attempts to do this have been disasterous, be it Adolf Hitler's insane vision of world order, or Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung or Pol Pot's Year Zero experiments that left large parts of the world devastated, and tens of millions dead.

Instead the idea is to establish a number of tidal pools of stability, ideally, scattered around the planet, which are designed to provide shelter and continuity from the titanic waves of change battering mankind and the planet. These shelters will be very long term institutions who are charged with the collecting and safe keeping of mankind's collective memory and experience, so that when something is lost, due to disaster, negligence, temporary instanity or neglect, it can be restored, and in doing so minimize the damage from whatever catastrophe it was lost in.


Chenla is working on a number of projects that will lay the groundwork for achieving our long term goals

Studyhall Village BMF-Saltmine


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